Waiver must be signed by all participants, we are not responsible for injuries or damage to clothing. These can be held but spark particles may stain or burn clothing if pointed in the direction of participants. 

Sparkler Exit

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  • Most people are familiar with the concept of a wedding exit. However, I feel that covering the basics will be helpful for those who are just being introduced to the concept. First, wedding exits go by many names; including a send-off line, a grand exit, or a farewell line. Not to worry, they all mean the exact same thing.

    Most of us have seen a movie that has the classic wedding scene where the bride and groom exit a chapel. There’s music playing, doves flying away, and guests tossing rice or birdseed into the air. Lastly, they make their way to a car adorned with a “just married” sign and tin cans dragging behind it. This is the most sensationalized version that there is. But in reality, a wedding exit is usually much simpler than how they are portrayed in the movies. In fact, it only involves one or two of the things that I mentioned above.